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Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm and Cozy in Your Vista Creek Apartment

Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm and Cozy in Your Vista Creek Apartment

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Here at Vista Creek Apartments we understand how harsh the cold weather can be. Apartment living has many benefits and amenities when it comes to the winter months and staying warm. These tips on how to stay warm and cozy were brought to us by people just like you. We hope you enjoy.

Tip # 1 Doors -

It's easier to heat a small room than a whole apartment. If you're not using certain rooms, then close the doors to them to save on heating costs.

Tip # 2 Layers -

Simple solutions can have a big impact. Layer clothing during the day and turn the heat down more at night when snuggled under the covers to save on heating bills.

Tip # 3 Spice -

A great way to warm up is to either consume alcohol or to eat spicy foods. The perfect time for chips and dip. Yummy too. Weak constitution? Then try a vinegar salad for a healthy alternative with the same effect.

Tip # 4 Sunny -

The sun through a window can heat anything. Including your home. Just be sure to cover any air drafts with a towel or a sock filled with rice first. You can warm things up in the sun for when you get home, like blankets and fuzzy socks and comfy slippers.

Tip # 5 Steam -

Boiling water (potpourri), take a hot shower, use a humidifier. a hot water bottle or just cook up your favorite meal or treat. (Coffee and Cocoa are my favs.) The kitchen is the heart of the home for a reason. It warms everyone near it.

Great Advice From Great People

We hope you enjoyed these simple solutions to save on heating and stay warm and cozy at the same time. Thank you for choosing Vista Creek Apartments as your home. We're glad you're here. You can also check out great local entertainment and dining here.

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